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Lot Make Model Full Technical Description, including condition
Lot 1 Eppendorf Eppendorf 5301 Concentrator Centrifugal Evaporator Speed: 1400 rpm, Maximum RCF: 240 g, Heating Levels: 30°C (86°F), 45°C (113°F), 60°C (140°F), or ambient, Includes a 48 position fixed angle rotor for 1.5/2.0 mL micro-tubes
Lot 2 Olympus Binocular Microscope SV40 In good condition
Lot 3 Grant JB1 Waterbath Grant JB1 Unstirred Waterbath, 3.5L capacity, ambient +5°C to +90°C, analogue controls.
Lot 4 Bio-Rad Trans-Blot SD Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Transfer Cell, The Trans-Blot SD semi-dry transfer cell allows fast, efficient, economical blotting without a buffer tank or gel cassettes.
Lot 5 AB Applied Biosystems Geneamp 9700 Geneamp PCR Systems 9700 Version 3.05
Lot 6 ALC Micro Centrifugette 4214 20 Place Fixed Angle Rotor, Max RPM: 14,000
Lot 7 Mettler Toledo PE300 Lab Balance Weighing Pan – 130mm, Capacity : 0.01g, Range : 310g
Lot 8 Fisons Whirlimixer Units has auto or manual modes and has a dial for setting the speed of the unit.
Lot 9 Fisons Whirlimixer  
Lot 10 Decon FS100 Ultrasonic water bath,  33cm (D) x 40cm (W) x 29cm (H), 2L, It features a digitally programmable 0-69 degree C heater and 0-59 minute timer.
Lot 11 Bio-Rad Criterion Dodeca Cell The Criterion Dodeca cell has the capacity to run up to 12 handcast or Criterion precast gels simultaneously. Criterion gels accommodate 11 cm ReadyStrip™ IPG strips to give the optimal combination of separation and speed in 2-D electrophoretic applications.
Lot 12 Vaccubrand MZ2C Oil free diaphragm pump with flask
Lot 13 Buchi R205 Rotary Evaporator, Come complete with V-800 Controller, B-490 Water Bath, flask and condenser. Technical specifications rotary evaporator: 220 V, 50 Hz, 120 W.
Technical specifications waterbath: 220 V, 50 Hz, 1400 W, maximum temperature: 85ºC. Housing (D)x(H)x(W): 38 x 86 x 53 cm.
Lot 14 Electromantle EM0250/C MK3, 250ml, Heating Mantle
Lot 15 Fisons Whirlimixer Units has auto or manual modes and has a dial for setting the speed of the unit.
Lot 16 Techne Sample Concentrator Techne Sample Concentrator gas chamber & stand only for 96 wellplate
Lot 17 Buchi Rotary Evaporator RE111 & B461 Buchi RE-111 Rotavapor and B-461 Water Bath
Lot 18 Rodwell Monostir Magnetic stirrer
Lot 19 Pierce Dr-Block No Inserts
Lot 20 Techne Dr-Block 1 insert
Lot 21 Leitz Wetzer Orthoplan Universal large field Microscope Research Microscope complete with Sony video camera 3CCD, Objectives 25/0.50, 16/0.40, 4/0.10, 6.3/0.20, 10/0.25 plus spare objectives, Power pack, Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Manuals, Carry Case, mage Pro Plus ref guide for windows” and “Auto Pro Guide for Windows
Lot 22 Beckman DU530 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer, Cell module: 1 cm, Wavelength range: 190-1100 nm, Spectral Slit Width: < 4.2 nm, Photometric Repeatability: ± 0.1 nm, Interface: Serial RS-232/Parallel port, Software: Multi-language, complete with manual and computer
Lot 23 Labsystems Bioscreen C Microplate Reader, designed for automating routine microbiology work, temperature control maintaining the set temperature with a 0,1 degree centigrade accuracy, comes with manual
Lot 24 Clifton 28ltr 28ltr Digital heateing and strirring water bath
Lot 25 Charles Austen Capex L2C Vacuum Pump
Lot 26 Leica Ortholux Microscope with Objectives 1 x 100, 1 x 10, 1 x 16, 1 x 25
Lot 27 Vickers   Microscope with power pack and objectives 40x, 100x, 10x, 40x
Lot 28 Srategene   Pressure Control Station
Lot 29 Bio-Rad Model 450 Microplate Reader
Lot 30 IKA T25 Ultra Turrax Digital Homogenizer, designed for volumes of 1 to 2,000ml, speed range from 3000 – 25,000 rpm
Lot 31 Molecular Devices EMAX Endpoint ELISA Absorbance Microplate Reader, Reader is capable of reading up to two wavelengths at a time in the visible wavelength spectrum (400nm–750nm)comes with dongle
Lot 32 Pharmacia Genequant II Pharmacia Biotech GeneQuant II RNA/DNA Calculator with manual
Lot 33 Baker Instruments Cell Mixer 110 Hematology Cell Mixer
Lot 34 Linotype Linotype-Hell Scanner and computer
Lot 35 Beckman F2402H Cetrifuge Rotor Hermeticall Sealed 24 place rotor for Allegra 64R, Avanti 30, Allegra X-22 Series, Allegra 21 Series, GS-15 Series,Spinchron 15 Series, and Allegra X-30 Series Centrifuges
Lot 36 Waters Fraction Collector Stand Alone
Lot 37 Gel Tank   Electrophoresis still in packaging
Lot 38 Dynatech Handwash  
Lot 39 Gel Tank   Electrophoresis still in packaging
Lot 40 E-C Apparatus EC250-90 Electrophoresis power supply
Lot 41 Grant SS40-2 Circulating Water Bath, ambient +5C to 100C, 30ltr
Lot 42 Techne Sample Concentrator Techne Sample Concentrator gas chamber & stand only for 96 wellplate
Lot 43 Anachem H3-Set Electrophoresis Gel Bath
Lot 44 Rainin EDP Plus Microliter motorized Digital Pipette in box, single channel
Lot 45 Strategen Feather Volto 500 Power Supply with manual
Lot 46 Bio-Rad 1125B Dual Temperature Slab Gel Dryer
Lot 47 Various Various Large selection of gel electrophoresis, trays, baths etc
Lot 48 Bio-Rad Model 583 Gel Dryer
Lot 49 Tecan SB16 & TE-7 Shaking Water Bath with TE-7 Heater,  0-80 DEG C
Lot 50 Pierce Reacti Therm Heating Block with accessories
Lot 51 Statebourne SXR3 Cryo Liquid Nitrogen Dewar
Lot 52 Life Technologies Horizon 11-14 Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus
Lot 53 Varian Vac Elut Manifold
Lot 54   mortar and pestle 2 off
Lot 55 KNF Laboport Vacuum pump
Lot 56 Microdialyzer System 100 For rapid, simultaneous dialysis of 12 x 20-100uL
Lot 57 Techne Cyclogene PCR Thermal Cycler with HL-1 Heated lid & manual
Lot 58 Dako Autostainer LV-1 Universal Staining System complerte with accessories, computer and manuals
Lot 59 Pharmacia Gradifrac System Includes central control unit UV-1, Pump P1, Optical Unit UV-1, Grad Frac, Recorder REC102, Mixer, Valve
Lot 60 Hotpoint RZA 36 Freezer
Lot 61 Hotpoint RZA 36 Freezer
Lot 62 LEC L5510 Fridge
Lot 63 Bosch Logixx Easy Fridge
Lot 64 Clifton NE1B-28 Boiling water bath, Internal: 500w x 300d x 200h mm, 100 Deg C, 28ltr
Lot 65 Grant JB4 Unstirred heated water bath, 16ltr,
Lot 66 Jouan CR322 Refrigerated Centrifuge, with rotor, buckets and various test tube holder sizes
Lot 67 Eppendorf 5402 Capacity of 18 x 1.5-2ml, 14000rpm
Lot 68 Zebex Z-2030 Zebex Z-2030 delivers powerful scanning performance with its advanced 3600 pixel CCD sensor. A large internal memory up to 2MB stores thousands of barcodes while its 128-character backlit LCD display, in box
Lot 69 Zebex Z-3070 EC Handheld Laser barcode reader in box
Lot 70 Zebex Z-3070 EC Handheld Laser barcode reader in box
Lot 71 Metrologic MS 5100 Eclipse Barcode scanner in box
Lot 72 PSC Falcon 4210 Wireless Barcode Scanner in box
Lot 73 Metrologic MS 5100 Eclipse Barcode scanner in box
Lot 74 PSC 6401-0001 Dock
Lot 75 Datamax E Class E-4203 Data printer, thermal transfer, 203 dpi, 4.3", Serial, Parallel, USB interface
Lot 76 Crypto Peerless EL12AB Food Mixer with bowl
Lot 77 Grant SS40 Shaking Water Bath
Lot 78 Grant   Water Bath, int dims 600 x 300 x 200
Lot 79 Olympus CH2 Microscope with Objectives 100x, 40x, 10x
Lot 80 Hybaid Mini 10 Hybaid Mini-10 Shake N Stack Hybridization Oven / Incubator
Lot 81 Grant W28/ZA With ZA stirrer temp 150 Deg C
Lot 82 Techne PHC3 Thermal Cycler Thermo PCR DNA
Lot 83 YSI 2300 Stat Plus YSI 2300 STAT PLUS Glucose & Lactate Analyzer
Lot 84 Dionex Various DX300, Eluant Degas Module, Pulsed Amperamatic Detector, Gradient pump, Dionex STH 585 column oven, 2210 recorder, Advanced computer interface, computer, monitor, keyboard
Lot 85 Hewlett Packard GC6890 Gas Chromatography System with autosampler and injector
Lot 86 Biometra Compact Line OV4 Hybridisation Oven w/Adjustable Rotor
Lot 87 Spectrolinker XL-1000 UV Crosslinker
Lot 88 Spectrolinker XL-1500 UV Crosslinker
Lot 89 Spectrolinker XL-1500 UV Crosslinker
Lot 90 Hereaus Labofuge 400R Centrifuge 4500rpm, refrigerated
Lot 91 Gallenkamp Economy Size 1 Incubator
Lot 92 DPC Micromix 5 DPC MicroMix 5 Shaker, 30 x 30 cm platform, digital, 1800rpm
Lot 93 Grant SS40 Shaking Water Bath
Lot 94 Gast 0522-V103-R25C/DOA-V110-D11 Gast Vaccum pumps in timber case
Lot 95 Memmert BE500 Incubator Memmert BE500 +70§C 108L 230V 50/60HZ A.C
Lot 96 Hettich Rotina 35R Type 1710-091 Refridgerated Centrifuge,  220 V, 50 Hz, 5,0 A, 900 W, E kin 13000 nM. Maximum number of revolutions: 15000 rpm. Maximum capacity: 52 x 15 ml.
Lot 97 Edwards Modulyo EF4 Freeze Dryer, 220-240 V, 50 Hz., Temperature range: -40ºC up to ambient.
Lot 98 Thermo RVT400 Refrigerated Vapor Trap, Trap Capacity: 4L, TemperaturE: -50°C, Dimensions (W x D x H) 25 x 60 x 31cm
Lot 99 Techne Progene DNA Thermal cycler
Lot 100 Edwards Modulyo Freeze Dryer, 220-240 V, 50 Hz., Temperature range: -40ºC up to ambient.
Lot 101 Packard Model 196 Filtermate Cell Harvester Model 196 w/ Matrix Filter Packard Filtermate Cell Harvester Model 196 w/ Matrix Filter
Lot 102 Stuart STR4 Rotor Drive, 10 to 60 min /continuous run, 6 to 60 min-1
Lot 103 Elga Option 3 Water Purification system with 40ltr reservoir
Lot 104 Pfeiffer DUO 5 Dual stage rotary vane pump, PK D61 017A
Lot 105 Jouan MR18 22 Centrifuge Spares not working
Lot 106 Luckham 4RT Orbital Platform Shaker Rocking Table
Lot 107 Sigma Centrifuge 1 Centrifuge for spares
Lot 108 Sigma 3K15 Refrigerated Centrifuge, Minimum temperature approx. 5 °C at maximum speed
(ambient temperature 23°C) at 13 000 rpm approx. 0°C.
Lot 109 Drying Cabinet Model DC226 2 X Shelves dims 930 L x 450 D x 660 H
Lot 110 Drying Cabinet   2 x Shelves dims 780 L x 330 D x 525 H
Lot ? IEC Centra-S Centrifuge 1500rpm
Lot 111 Gallenkamp Economy Size 1 Incubator
Lot 112 Jouan MR18 22 Centrifuge Spares not working, switches on lid does not open
Lot 113 Jouan MR18 22 Centrifuge Spares not working
Lot 114 Hermle Z400 Centrifuge 13800rpm
Lot 116 Jouan MR18 22 Centrifuge 120/230, 60/50 Hz, 1 sec to 99 min 59 sec, hold, short run,  17300rpm
Lot 117 Denley BS400 6000rpm, analogue display of speed/running time,
Lot 118 MSE Minor S Centrifuge Analogue
Lot 119 MSE Mistral 2000R Refrigerated Centrifuge, Digital control, Speed 200 - 6500rpm 0 - 99min Timer
Lot 120 Syngene Gene Genius Syngene GeneGenius Bio Imaging System
Lot 121 Oven D15 Come with 100 Deg C Thermal cut out, 220 Deg C, dims 300w x 200d x 450h, 2 shelves
Lot 122 Grant GD100-R1 Refrigerated water bath, stiired, 5 litre tank, cooling power 140W @ 0° C
temperature range 0 to 100° C
Lot 123 Syngene Crosslinker CL8-5 UV Crosslinker GCL-8 with 5 x 8w tubes
Lot 124 Statebourne Crystor 60 60Ltr, Evaporation Rate (%/day)  2.01, Weight Empty (Kg)  65, Weight Full LN2 (Kg)  114, M.A.W.P. (barG)  32, Base Diameter (mm) Footprint dimensions  620Ø, Overall Height (mm)  900mm, QCG200 Kevel gauge
Lot 125 MDH Inter Med Cabinet
Lot 126 Memmert Universal Heating drying oven, with fan, 330w x 300d x 450h, 220 deg C
Lot 127 Reichert Jung Cryocut 1800 Inc. Manual, The Cryocut has both a programmable 24-hour and a manual defrost cycle which ensures rapid, efficient and frost-free operation. The cryocabinet reaches a maximum temperature of -35 degrees C. Dimensions are 677 mm with the handwheel, 70 mm w x 1101 mm h (in front) and 1170 mm h (in rear). Weight is 115kg.
Lot 128 Camspec M501 Single Beam UV/Vis Spectrometer, 190-1100nm 115, 230V 50/60HZ,
Lot 129 Oven   240 Deg C, 1 Shelf, 500w x 500h x 500d
Lot 130 Jouan   Oven for spares
Lot 131 Leec 3A2N Co2 Incubator with 5 shelves,
Lot 132 Heracell 150 Co2 Incubator, 2 shelves
Lot 133 Appligene ETUVE A Hybridisation Oven, 1 shelf, door requires magnet on door so it stays shut
Lot 134 Flow Labs   CO2 Incubator, Cat No 61-516-00
Lot 135 Galaxy Type R Co2 Incubator turns on display does not work
Lot 136 QVF   3 x glass vessels PS12/300, PS12/400, PS12/400
Lot 137 Applied Biosystems MDS Sciex Q Trap LC/MS/MS System with Analyst 1.6 Software, Switchos By LC Packings, Ultimate by LC Packings, Famos by LC Packings, Model 2003, Last serviced Nov 2014, 2 x Honeywell Cameras Cameras, Dell PC, Monitor, Software, Manuals, Column PN 160431
Lot 138 Amersham Biosciences Typhoon Trio Plus Variable Mode Imager, Phospho gel screen eraser, two Phospho Screen Cassettes size 24cmX19cm, two Phospho Screen Cassettes size 42cmX34cm and two sets of Gel alignment guides, PC to run it and the user manual.
Lot 139 Packard Proteome Works System Mass Prep Station two Packard winPREP Muti Probe II CD Rom’s and two volumes of their manuals. The robot was used for the digesting of protein gel spots into peptide solutions but the specialist software for this is not available
Lot 140 Bio-Rad FX Bio-Rad Molecular Imager FX Florescence Scanner, comes with an external module laser unit serial #439BR 0392 and a Phospho Screen Eraser serial # 425BR 0240.
Lot 141 Bio-Rad Ex-Quest Spot Cutter with manual, gel excision instrument with enclosure, imaging system, fluidics system, robotics, sensors, cutting head, gel tray, microplate track, and wash station
Lot 142 Bio Robotics Cambridge UK BP900 Bio Colony Pick BP900, serial #0979, has software on PC and the software is “BioPick 2.0”
Lot 143 Genomic Solutions Gene TAC 12 slide Hybridisation Station, HYB 10001, serial#20126. Has Gen Hyb Sol software V 3.60 and also has the manuals.
Lot 144 Beckman Biomek 2000 Laboratory Automation Work Station, serial # 4325630. It has a PC and software/manuals for Bioworks V 3.0
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