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Rhys International over the years have come across many projects, not one project has been the same. Customers requirements are always different in their needs and goals. Therefore we are able to work with a customer, establish their exact requirements and in most cases execute those requirements to the the highest standards. Some of the projects we have been involved in facilitating include:

  • Complementing a customer' exiting services by establishing a logistics program to facilitate the collection and delivery of chemistry analyzers to the NHS.
  • Restructuring work places to maximise working space.
  • Packing & shipping as part of an handover.
  • Decontamination of buildings prior to hand over.
  • Outsourcing instruments on behalf of customers.
  • Establishing distribution networks.
  • Brokering Equipment on behalf of clients.
  • Decommissioning, dismantling, relocation, installation & commissioning.
  • Project managing fit outs.






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